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    1. Welcome to mastering your olive oil in 5 steps!

    2. Welcome to mastering your olive oil in 5 steps

    1. 1.1. What is olive oil?

    2. 1.2. How olive oil is made

    3. 1.3. The chemistry of olive oil

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    1. 2.1. What is organoleptic analysis

    2. 2.2. Positive and negative traits

    3. 2.3. Spotting a defective olive oil

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    1. 3.1. What is in olive oil-1

    2. 3.2. Cooking with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    3. 3.3. Food Pairing with olive oil

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    1. 4.1. Olive oil labels

    2. 4.2. Shopping for olive oil

    3. 4.3. Handling your olive oil

    4. 4_Your turn!

    1. 5.1. Health benefits of EVOO

    2. 5.2. EVOO as part of the Mediterranean diet

    3. 5.3. EVOO as a health investment

    4. 5_Your turn!

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Marianna is the founder of OLEOSOPHIA, award winning producer, speaker at gastronomic events and an educator for all things olive oil, leading numerous olive oil tastings for an international audience. Born and raised in the city, she discovered what high quality olive oil is much later in her life, leaving behind her physics career to become an olive oil ambassador!